Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Riding the Everest Express

Features: A plane ride that will showcase the Himalayan Mountain Range and the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. It also showcases 8 of the highest peaks in the world.
Damage: estimated 207 USD
Duration: 3 hrs ( 1 hr waiting time in the airport and 2 hrs for the flight itself). Usually done at the morning were visibility is the most optimum from 7:00 to 8:05 am

How to do it:
1. The hard way: Book online, there are 4 airlines (Agni Air, Buddha Air, Simrik Airlines, Yeti Airlines) that offer the Everest Express, but we chose Yeti Airlines since it has a better track record of safety. The prices of ticket doesn't vary much between the airline service.

2. The easy way: Book a hotel/hostel and Kathmandu and let them do the booking for you. Actually, it's hard getting around Kathmandu, since there is no mass transport. So the best way is to hire a local guide to get you around and everything is done through the hotel service.
Here's the ticket for our plane 

It comes with a brochure of the mountains you'll see

Now boarding...

The plane is a double 27 seater and we're smiling because they gave free candy in the flight 

First View of the Hamalayas
Absolutely stunning mountain range
The black mountain on the back is the Sagamartha aka Mt. Everest
Another angle of Mt. Everest

After a while you are called by the captain to view the Himlayas on the cockpit since it has a much better view

After finishing the tour, you are given a certificate that commemorate what you have accomplished. Yey!!!
After a while the plane will turn and head back to the Airport. But our hearts was bursting with joy to witness something no people has ever seen. To glimpse at the rooftop of the world.
Recommendations: If you are not physically fit to do weeks of  trekking or have time constraint, then this is for you. The price is a bit steep but it is a once in a lifetime experience and also bragging rights that you have seen personally Mt. Everest. Truly, this is worth every penny!

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