Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Meiji Jingu and Yoyogi Park

Entrance: FREE (except for the museum which cost 500 yen and offerings of prayers which cost 500 yen)
Features: Meiji Shrine, Meiji Jingu Gardens, Bukakan or Treasure Museum, Lots of Tori (shrine) Gates, Yoyogi Park
Metro Lines: JR Harajuku, Tokyo Metro Meiji-Jingumae Station

Meiji Jingu is part of a huge complex including the Meiji Shrine, the Bunkakan Treasure Museum and Yoyogi Park. Basically, if you’re a traveller and you have time to kill (I mean, a LOT of time) this would be the place for you. To tell you the truth, the Meiji Shrine looks like any other shrine in Japan. It’s not even that elaborate. But what’s unique about it is that you sometimes see Japanese people getting married (they are also willing to have pics with you) The Treasure Museum houses important relics from Emperor Meiji. It has a cool horse carriage inside but that’s about as good as it gets. What impresses me about this place is the beauty of Yoyogi Park. The land is so big with numerous ponds and lush greenery. The trees here are quite unique and from the stories, it was donated by locals and foreigners in order to make this park. What strikes me the most about the forest is that a lot of locals come here to unwind. Put a mat and sleep beneath the trees. You see children playin in the open field, the occasional cooing of the crows and fresh smell of pine. 

Recommended: Like I said,if you have a lot of time in your hands, go see this park but I’m not putting it on the top of my list as must see places. Ir’s one of those temple you scratch off your bucket list. If you want a solid place for a picnic and just to relax with mother nature, this is the place to be. Just find your cozy little nook and just hangout. Bring some wine, sushi and your favorite book and your set!  

Photo taken from the Official Tokyo Tourism Guide
Entrance of the Park with a huge Inari Gate. If you didn't take a selfie from the entrance, don't worry. There's a lot of them inside.

 Colorful Barrels of sake don the road leading to the Meiji Shrine. Very Instragramable!
Before the Meiji Shrine. There's a path to Kiyosama's well. I didn't bother to go since there's a 500 yen entrance fee. If you have money to burn, go ahead.
Before going in the Meiji Shrine, you must first, wash your hands and mouth by getting water from the well

Welcome to Meiji Shrine!

This guy at the entrance didn't move the whole time
You can go to the tree and write your prayers

Oh yeah, it also costs 500 yen for a block
When your at the shrine, remember to flip a coin, clap then say your prayers. No photos please, this is a Holy Place
From here, turn to the right gate to go to Yoyogi Park
A mini paradise in the heart of Tokyo
The pond has fishes and turtles which you can feed! So Kawai!!!
Here's an old couple feeding the turtles and fishes
Oh and there's the Treasure Museum. It cost 500 yen to go in. If you want to see treasures of the Meiji era then this is the place! If you're not interested then just chill with the beauty of your surroundings

 That's me resting my feet and writing this blog
After your done, you can go back to the station and cross the street going to Takeshita Dori St: the heart of Shinjuku Culture!

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