Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to get from Haneda airport to Tokyo by Train

Here’s a step by step process on how to travel from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Central. But first of all, why choose Haneda Airport vs Narita airport. Well, you have no choice. Some airlines go to Haneda and some go to Narita. Haneda is much better because first, it’s much nearer to Tokyo ( 30 mins vs 1 - 1 1/2 hrs ETA depends on train use) and second, because of the distance, Narita train fares going to Tokyo is much more expensive ( Narita express ~ 3000 yen, Rapid train 1300 yen vs ~600 yen via monorail)

Once you have landed. Go to Immigration and register.  

Go to the terminal docks and get your luggage. If you have anything to declare go to the left most side to declare any live animals, illegal drugs and weapons of mass destruction. Even if you don’t declare. They have sniffing dogs that go around your for some suspicious cargo. 

Exit through the gates. Once you have done this go straight and you will find a sign saying monorail and a ticket station. There are two maps on top of the ticketing machine. One in English and the other in Japanese. Note the place of where you are going and remember the corresponding number with that station for this will be the amount that you will b paying in the ticketing machine. For example, my stop is in Tamachi station and the number corresponding to it is 630. That’s 630 yen that I will have to pay.

Find the monorail ticket machine to get your ticket

Check the board above to check what station you wish to go

 The entrance to the monorail is just beside the ticket machine

Go to the right and you'll find an elevator going to the platform

View of Haneda airport from the monorail
 You can check the station which station you are approaching by the lighted sign on top of the door. Hamamatsucho is the last station on the monorail.

You know you're in the JR station when you see large tracks of train

Get down the monorail for transfer to a JR line

Go down the elevator to the Central exit

 Follow the sign saying to JR line

Put in your ticket and remember to get it at the other end

Find your platform by the green signs which indicate the Yamanote line. Line 2 means it's going east to Tokyo

Yamanote line 3 means it's going west to Shibuya

This is the platform we're you will wait for your train. The Yamanote line is above ground which means you have a scenic view of Tokyo while moving from station to station

That’s it! Hope you have a great day in Tokyo!!!

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